2019 Golden Bean Awards


This week we received three Golden Bean Awards for our single-origin Uganda, Sumatra, and Nicaragua coffees. While we’re honored to receive this recognition, any accolades we collect deserve to be shared with everyone involved in bringing these beans to our Dallas roastery.   

The quality of the coffee that we roast begins where it's grown. Were it not for the incredible hard work and attention to detail that the producers put into their coffee, we would not be able to create these delicious cups. And were it not for the exporters and the importers putting in time at origin countries, making connections, and ensuring that the green beans are transported safely, no coffee would ever even arrive at our roastery. We are grateful to Anthem and Homage for connecting us to the producers at Mierisch Family Farms, Santiang Exports, and Hillside Coffee International.

There are so many people to thank, some of whom we may not even be aware of. The reality is that hundreds, maybe thousands of people - pickers, sorters, washers, millers, drivers, tasters, buyers,  - touched this coffee before we had a chance to roast it. 

To all of them, we are grateful.