Why Noble Coyote?

Our dog Zephyr, posing for our logo

Our dog Zephyr, posing for our logo

We are often asked how we came up with the name Noble Coyote. Ethical trade and sustainability are very important to us. In the coffee world, a "coyote" is a middleman who purchases coffee from farmers. In a commodity market, coyotes buy low and sell high, to the detriment of the farmers who grow the coffee. We try to purchase coffee from importers who not only compensate farmers fairly, but invest in those farmers in order to improve their lives.

Noble coyotes are middlemen who aid, support, and invest in the farmers who supply them. As a coffee roaster purchasing green coffee, we strive to be noble coyotes by supporting farmers and importers who practice these values.

We also pursue noble practices in our day-to-day business and operations. We support environmental sustainability through donating our roasting by-products to local farmers (i.e. coffee grounds for compost, bean chaff, burlap bags). We use 100% wind energy at the roastery. Participating in community organizations and events is also important to us. We are thankful to have the opportunity to work closely with amazing local programs that invest in people, such as Cafe Momentum and Meat Fight. Giving back to the community that helps support our efforts completes a circle for us. When you choose Noble Coyote coffee you join that chain that starts on coffee farms across the globe.

Roasting Philosophy

The craft of coffee roasting melds both art and science. The science helps produce consistency and quality. The art emerges from each roaster's unique background and roasting philosophy.

Co-owner and head roaster, Kevin, has loved coffee since he was old enough to stand on a stool and grab a mug from the cabinet. He is naturally inquisitive and has always enjoyed taking things apart, figuring out how they work and what makes them tick. He's a self-taught musician, and this has a large influence on his personal approach to roasting: roasting has a rhythm and a feel, a certain timing that impacts the notes in each cup of coffee.  


From our humble beginnings at Good Local Markets farmers market, to the opening of our coffee lab in Expo Park, we strive to provide space for people to enjoy and explore coffee. We love hearing about our customers' coffee adventures. Our award winning Brew Better Coffee education series is all about making the home coffee experience enjoyable and accessible. Come see us at the Lab for a drink and a chat!