Ethiopia - Peach, Lime, Honey

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Ethiopia - Peach, Lime, Honey

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Available in 4 oz or 12 oz bags.

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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Limu
Farm/Co-op: Gera Farm
Flavor Profile : Lime, Peach, Honey, Apple, Dark Chocolate, Crisp Acidity
Process :  Shade Grown, Fully Washed Process
Roast Level :  Medium
Varietal : Heirloom Ethiopian Varietals

Gera Farm has become one of our favorite place to source from in Ethiopia. This particular crop roasts really consistently and practically explodes into first crack all at once. The flavors fit the traditional Ethiopian profile of floral and citrus. We always like coffees like this to brew over ice. That said, you can’t beat a nice hot cup of Ethiopian coffee with breakfast…or lunch…maybe dinner, too.

Gera Farm is stretched over the highland areas of the Gera district, reaching heights of 1900-2100 masl, extremely ideal for Arabica coffee. The production system is based on sustainable principles. This means that Gera Farm puts a lot of effort into protecting the environment while farming: no chemical fertilizers are being used during cultivation and all coffee is shade grown. For the employees of the farm, Gera Farm provides housing, schooling, portable water, electricity, health care, and recreation facilities – free of charge.