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March Cupping - SOLD OUT

  • Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters 819 Exposition Ave Dallas, TX 75226 (map)

Join us on the first Saturday of the month for a coffee cupping! This is an opportunity for you to taste a few of our coffees, learn about their origins, and experience how industry professionals create flavor profiles.

This month we’re cupping three coffees - two from Colombia and one from Panama. We’ve really been enjoying the Panama on pour over lately. It has a sweet profile, but it surprises with really subtle florals and fruit notes on the finish. Our Colombia Cauca has been a crowd favorite of late, and we’re happy to contrast it with a new Colombian being released at this event: El Vergel Estate. Where the Cauca leans toward sugar caramelization notes, the El Vergel Estate goes toward more fruity notes, such as mango.

To provide a positive experience for our guests, we will limit the capacity of the cupping to 20 people. Register now!

March Cupping
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